The Power of Partnership

For Parents
September 23, 2018

Pictured above (from left): Rev. Rebecca Messman, Assistant Principal Felicia Drake, and Rev. Stephen Smith-Cobbs. Photo by Scott Fridy.

Trinity Presbyterian Church recently hosted an unusual guest during a Sunday service: the Herndon ES bee. The bee mascot was on hand, along with Principal Teresa Fennessy and Assistant Principal Felicia Drake, to renew and celebrate the school/church partnership as it enters its 7th year. 

(Our bee didn't have far to fly since the church is directly across the street.) 

Most recently, the church conducted a school supply drive among its members, donating much needed items such as reams of white copy paper, post-it notes, pencils, tissues, wipers and highlighters. Throughout the years, church members have donated books; tutored and mentored students; assisted with parenting classes, and advocated for quality public education.

Partnerships between schools and community organizations help to create supports that enable children to learn and succeed and help families and communities to thrive.

Other Herndon ES partners include:

  • BSI
  • Cornerstones
  • FBI
  • Food for Others
  • Grand Involve 
  • McLean Bible Church 
  • Real Food for Kids 
  • The Wish List Project
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Volkswagon

Take a look at our Get Involved page for more information on volunteering and partnering with Herndon ES.