Librarian Sarah Richardson, recognized by FCPS Cares and the Fairfax County Times

November 02, 2020

FCPS Cares October 2020

Sarah Richardson, Herndon ES "Ms. Richardson is working tirelessly to make sure that all of the students at Herndon Elementary (and even surrounding schools!) have access to library books.  Many of our students live too far to walk to the school for checkout and have no other way to get to the school.  What does Sarah Richardson do?  She loads her car with books and drives to the areas of the community where these students live.  She has made herself available to parents and family members who need advice about books for reluctant readers.  She is using any resource in the Herndon community that can help her with the mission of getting books into the hands of students.  Ms. Richardson is showing the children and families of our community that books are a connection to their teachers, to their school and to their education.  The entire Herndon community is benefitting from her passion to educate.  Thank you, Ms. Richardson!"

- Sara Murphy, Herndon ES

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A crucial resource to students, library books

By Brooke Lewis, Fairfax County Times, October 16, 2020

While all FCPS students are learning at home, they are missing one crucial resource from attending in-person school: library books. 

Sarah Richardson, Herndon Elementary School’s librarian, saw a need for the students in her school. She recognized that many families might not have access to the transportation necessary to go to a public library, and as such those children might be unable to obtain the educational benefits of reading new books. 

Richardson, as well as the other faculty running the program travel throughout the Herndon community in order to distribute books, and provide advice to parents on the kids of books their children might benefit from reading. 

“Each weekday, Sarah makes deliveries of books to local apartment complexes, and even to individual students if they are not close to other drop off points. She also has hours at the school itself, for those who do have transportation, to pick up or drop off their library books,” said Herndon Woman’s Club Education and Libraries Community Service Program Anne Crotty. 

Families can check out books at the Park Ridge Apartment Complex from 8:30-9:30 or at Herndon Elementary school from 12-1 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and also at Herndon Elementary School from 3:30 to 5:30 on Thursdays. 

The program was initially intended for students of Herndon elementary school, but since word has spread, parents from all over Fairfax County have come and checked out books for their children. 

“Being able to see our students and interact with them safely, as a teacher, is so rewarding,” Richardson said. “It’s such a hard time, especially for learning. This is something they can do that doesn’t involve being on a computer.” 

Contributions to the program can be made by going to their Amazon Wishlist​ and purchasing books for the library to distribute. 

“We want to get books into the hands of kids. If we can do that, it’s all worth it,” Richardson said.

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