Herndon 5th Grade “Art-trepreneurs” receive $1600 grant from Educate Fairfax

November 28, 2022

5th grade students will engage in a Work Based Learning experience this year, thanks to funding from Educate Fairfax. Art teacher, Marianne Estornell submitted a proposal for her 5th graders to explore the career path of the artist as an entrepreneur, or Art-trepreneur. Students will become board game designers through the study of ancient games, game mechanics, creating their own game, crowdfunding and making a Scribble Bot.

In 5th grade art, students examine the Big Idea of Globalization/Global Issues. This year, games and toys was chosen as a theme to take a break from the traditional exploration of global issues such as climate change, waste, deforestation, etc. Since ancient times, children around the world have created games and toys as a source of comfort and to prepare for adult life.

Educate Fairfax provides funding for educators to incorporate Portrait of a Graduate skills in Work Based Learning initiatives, such a VDOE’s 5Cs. Students will practice goal setting, planning, collaboration, and participate in the exploration of how board games are funded and published.