Adapted PE Teacher, Courtney Litwiller, Recognized by FCPS Cares

May 13, 2021

Courtney demonstrating an adapted pushup

The photo is a screen shot from a video filmed at home.

Courtney Litwiller, Herndon ES

"Courtney and I have worked together for a few years with the adaptive P.E. students at Herndon Elementary School. I am continually impressed with her efforts to put the students' needs first. She spends time carefully planning interesting and engaging activities that address individual student needs. She constantly advocates for her students and their abilities to access the curriculum. She cooperates with the administration, technology, and the Physical Education staff to create the best program for her students. During this COVID experience, I've noticed how exemplary her attitude, willingness, and enthusiasm is at a time when it would be easy to have one's work ethic deterred."

- Eric Johnson, Herndon ES

This information is posted on the April 2021 FCPS CARES webpage.