Herndon ES Eco-Bees Green Team is a Dream Team!

Herndon ES Eco Bees Green Team is a Dream Team!

Purple Martin Project” has been chosen as the Caring for Our Watersheds 2022 International Idea. 

Eco Bees Green Team 2022

Eco-Bees Green team 2022  

“Meet the Eco-Bees Green Team from Herndon Elementary School in Virginia, USA. Their project was to install purple martin towers at their school and local community to provide nesting habitats for purple martins. Purple martins play a vital role in improving the biodiversity of ecosystems around the world. These birds help to control insect populations, but their population is decreasing due to habitat loss and competition with other bird species. Learn more about their project here.

The “Purple Martin Project” has been chosen as the Caring for Our Watersheds 2022 International Idea and we are taking steps to implement their project across all contests in Canada, the USA and Argentina!”



Eco Bees Green team 2023

Eco-Bees Green Team 2023  

The Eco-Bees Green Team is not done!  The 2023 team submitted 4 wonderful environmental proposals for the 2023 Caring for our Watershed contest: Eradicate Invasive Plants, Save the Monarch Butterfly, Bring Back the Bats, and Bring Back the Native Plants.  All 4 projects will receive their budget implementation funding.  Two of the 4, Bring back the Native Plant and Save the Monarch Butterfly, were selected to the finalist round. 

Also, on April 18 at NOVA Annandale campus, they will be attending the 2023 Student Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS) where they will be showcasing their environmental action plans with other students and environmental leaders across Northern Virginia.

The Eco-Club was created and is guided by our inspiring and amazing Herndon ES teacher, Mark Moseley.

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